Align Yourself To Say Goodbye To Stress

Stress is a condition where we believe that the demands imposed upon us exceed our resources. These demands might be in any – or many – of the 6-dimensions of balanced living. Even if in one dimension, the impact is felt across all the others. And we slip into a steady decline of Health, Happiness, and Harmony.

Stress is like a termite. Usually we identify stress only after it manifests serious problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, or breathing issues. The Stress Matrix helps you identify stress well in advance, so you can beat it proactively. And you can do this yourself, by checking in which of the 6-dimensions you are facing issues:


BP refers to the Body/Physical dimensions. In this State, we could experience any of the following conditions:

  • Tiredness / desire to laze / insomnia
  • Aches and pains randomly / migraine
  • Upset stomach / constipation
  • Inflammation / inflammatory disorders
  • Dry mouth / lumpiness in the throat
  • Anxiety / difficulty to relax
  • Frequent illness / colds / flu
  • Unexplained nervousness / sudden shivers / palpitations

In the BP State, we are prone to think of fitness as important and consider the options of gym, walking, exercise, and/or yoga as to-do list items. But we’re rarely consistent. Are you dominantly in this State?


MF refers to the Mental/Financial dimensions. In this State, we could experience any of the following conditions:

  • Worry / insecurity about money
  • Agitation or irritability over petty issues
  • Mood swings
  • Low self-esteem
  • Racing thoughts
  • Repetitive forgetfulness
  • Inability to focus
  • Increased pessimism

In the MF State, we tend to consider taking up yoga, meditation, or mindfulness courses – and we make inquiries. But we usually do not invest ourselves in them. Are you dominantly in this State?


SE refers to the Spiritual/Emotional dimensions. In this State, we could experience any of the following:

  • Poor judgment / cluttered environment
  • Tendency towards depression / suicide
  • Low sex drive / social & relationship issues
  • Lack of appreciation / loneliness
  • Constant fidgeting, pacing
  • Procrastination without purpose
  • Substance abuse
  • Avoidance of responsibilities

In the SE State, we often look for a Guru as our companion. We might even practice meditation or yoga, but we keep encountering non-serving repeating patterns. Are you dominantly in this State?

How Do You Conquer These States?

The above three States are more or less at the same hierarchy and relate with the trinity of Body-Mind-Spirit, which constitutes us. We might experience bits of all… and there is not much meaning to read into that, except that we must get in the cognition of stress. If you have answered YES to any of the above, you must admit to yourself, “I am stressed” – even if others say it’s an attitude, or a lifestyle, or ‘normal.’

On the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity, often, mind-based solutions help counter Body/Physical issues. Just as water can melt ice cubes away, similarly the agile and fluid mind can heal the gross body, through solutions like meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, teamwork, sports, and yoga, among others. 

However, if we slip into emotional complexities, such as substance abuse, or become socially reclusive, the effectiveness of the above is reduced. Now this presents full-blown mental health challenges and puts us at the brink of depression and escapism.

How can we do anything about such issues? What can melt away water? Nothing science has measured so far… and therefore the only solution western medicine offers is drugs.

Here Is Genius!

Albert Einstein is credited to have observed, we cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem. Hence, to solve Body-Mind/Emotion issues sustainably we need Spirit, or Energy. In our analogy, this would be the subtlest form of water: Steam! Steam can melt away both, water and ice.

Energy, which manifests through Inner Power, brings us to the AA State directly from any of the above States.


AA refers to Absolute Alignment. In this State, we find ourselves back in Health, Happiness, and Harmony:

  • We experience none of the BP symptoms
  • Minimal MF symptoms – since the mind may still play tricks
  • And none of the SE symptoms
  • We exhibit a high level of intuitive ability
  • Living by design / with intention / at peace
  • Strong sense of purpose of contribution to the world
  • Strong sense of connection with universal abundance
  • Control over attitude independent of circumstances

In the AA State, we also find ourselves full of charge, like a new AA Battery. We are in alignment with our thoughts, feelings, and actions, with our priorities and decisions, and we achieve a lot more in less time. How would you like to dominantly be in this State?

Say Hello To Your Inner Power!

Our Inner Power defines our Outer Reality. It determines our harmony with ourselves, relationships with others, capacity to grow, and most everything about us. Since we are not taught about our Energy Anatomy in schools, we have no idea how to work with our Inner Power energetically. This is the gap we are about to fill!

The Inner Power Blueprint is a self-learning program with video-instruction, which introduces you to your energy. Once you start experiencing energy, there is no further proof required for its existence. So the Blueprint outlines how to start using this energy to fortify your intention and intuition – so that you can redefine your life based on your “vibes” about everything.

Doing so begins a journey into self-regulatory health, happiness, and harmony, all of which is uplifting and liberating forever!

What’s more, the Inner Power Blueprint outlines various methods to bring ourselves into Body-Mind-Spirit alignment and remain aligned independent of circumstances. We achieve this by understanding the impact of Thought on Habit and vice-versa, and developing 6 critical habits that change everything for us.

And this is how we create our cozy home in the State of Absolute Alignment!

Inside the Inner Power Blueprint you will discover 3 days of concepts, exercises, and meditations, which will blow your mind away. And the 6 habits, that you will make your second nature (in CAPITALS):

  • How do you REFRAME any situation and permanently alter how your mind perceives it?
  • How do you INVESTIGATE new conditioning and thought patterns so the become integral to you?
  • How do you VISUALIZE with the power that Tibetan Lamas use to invoke high energy states?
  • How do you MEDITATE in less than 5 minutes a day – and even in movement – yet gain all benefits?
  • How do you ACTIVATE your new habits so they serve you for personal and professional growth?
  • How do you ALIGN body-mind-spirit so you can remain in powerful equanimity whatever happens?

Not only does this Blueprint enable stress-free living based on the theory and practice of the most secret nuggets of ancient oriental wisdom, it also lays the foundation for taking deeper dives into energy work.

Deeper Dives?

Once you are familiar with your Inner Power and how to commune with Universal Energy (call it whatever you refer to as Divine – based on your beliefs), you are ready to apply it to various other aspects of your life.

  • Mindful Relationships (Personal and Professional) – Inner Power of PACE Awareness
  • Habitual Harmony of Thoughts, Feelings & Actions – Inner Power of the Decluttering Parrot
  • Predictably Applying the Power of Mind Over Body – Inner Power of Affirmations (POPP Formula)
  • Tuning Your Body to Peak Potential Without Spending Time – Inner Power of Smiling Internally
  • Physical, Emotional & Psychological Healing Using Chakras – Inner Power of Chakra Healing
  • Living Protected and Peaceful in an Energy Bubble – Inner Power Intensive (Business Qigong)
  • Taking Spiritual Healing to The Next Level – Inner Power of the Microcosmic Orbit

With these programs, you not only start to feel lighter and self-assured, people around you also start to observe changes in your outlook, calmness, and demeanor. You respond to situations better and – with practice – heal deep-seated wounds at a sub-conscious level. Especially with the Inner Power Intensive you learn ancient oriental secrets of staying youthful. And the Microcosmic Orbit teaches you a meditative method to come in oneness with universal energy ON-DEMAND, anytime, anywhere!

When in denial, or when we choose to leave it unattended, stress manifests in physical conditions and brings us to the door of the six leading causes of death (heart disease, brain strokes, cardiac arrests, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory issues).
Dr. Arvind Sinha
MS, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

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Inner Power Of PACE Awareness
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Understand the concept of Body-Mind-Spirit connection in a way that you can apply minute-to-minute to stay in internal harmony. Improve your relationships with family, friends, customers and anyone you come across by being comfortable with yourself and projecting confidence. Get a clear direction of how to remove clutter from your mental and physical spaces, which discharge your energy and form new habits with ease.

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Establish a strong Mind-Body connection, and watch the mind heal the body with predictability. Learn the P.O.P.P. principle of affirmations – and how to make them work without challenging your belief system. Get a set of usable affirmations for balancing 6-dimensions; mental, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and financial. Feel empowered from within and self-reliant health-wise, even before you finish the program.

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Heal your body energetically in the time you waste away currently. Get up fresh and energized as you learn the overlap of the energy body and the physical body and how no disorder is incurable. After this program you will feel your compassion reaching a new high. You will also sense your body talking with you. A guided meditation included to help you remember the process anytime.

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Heal your body energetically in the time you waste away currently. Get up fresh and energized. Learn the overlap of the energy body and the physical body and how no disorder is incurable. After this program you will feel your compassion reaching a new high. You will also sense your body talking with you. A guided meditation included to help you remember what to do for quick results.

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