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Inner Power: Ancient Oriental Energy Wisdom Distilled By Me

Hi again… My name is Sandeep Nath and I have spent 25 years in corporate corridors. Troubled by the futility of work and the stress it produces, I began my quest for answers in 2005, studying from and meeting vedic spiritual masters from various lineages. My quest for understanding the secrets behind our consciousness and energy got me to learn lamas from Tibet and Qigong experts from China. I also became an international master of the Japanese energy practice of Reiki and a coach of Mindfulness. 

Having served more than 1600 people across 23 locations in 4 continents, through workshops, training sessions, and counseling, I have distilled the most useful pieces of wisdom in the Inner Power Programs you will read about here. Thanks to my own experience, they are perfect for corporate leaders and managers to win over stress. But the principles apply to everyone, as you will soon discover. Enjoy!

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Inner Power Programs

You need to know nothing to get started... except that you want a better life!

Freedom From Stress

Relationship 1-on-1

Mind-Body Training

Healing Meditation

Inner Harmony Forever

Energy Based Therapy

Customized Eating

Energetic Powering

Awakening Intuition

Beat Weather & Travel

Private & Confidential

Become Unstoppable

What People Are Saying

"My entire team learned something very useful and practical across contexts. For example our customer retention is now 5 times more than last year because we feel powerful from inside.”
Amit Mehta
Professional CEO
"There is no doubt that I am a new person after Sandeep’s program. I feel empowered and self-directed. There is a zest for life. I am able to produce more and do things better!”
Bharat Nukala
Senior Manager
"Thank you Sandeep. Your course has been a blessing and I will cherish it all my life. I have realized my childhood dream of owning my own art studio because of the power I got from this program”
Sylvia Fernandez
"The truth is that now I feel very well, and it seems much easier to control my anxiety. After your program, I am able to plan my travels and finances effortlessly.”
Anna Semitel

In Corporates & Media