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To Balance Your Body-Mind-Spirit With Qigong

Qigong is a 4000+ year-old practice that brings our inner energy in communion with outer energy. It sets up a partnership between these energies that makes us invincible.

Our Inner Power defines our Outer Reality. It determines our harmony with ourselves, relationships with others, capacity to grow, and most everything about us. Since we are not taught about our Energy Anatomy in schools, we have no idea how to work with our Inner Power energetically. This is the gap you are set to fill with the Inner Power Intensive!

This program is a powerful self-learning with video-instruction, which introduces you to ancient oriental secrets of staying youthful and free of disease. The Intensive is based on the Qigong practice, which originated 4000+ years ago, and has been adapted to the modern business/working lifestyle. It covers exercises and meditations in movement, which bring us into oneness with universal energy – through a proven daily routine you can do anytime, anywhere!

Inside the Inner Power Intensive you will discover an incredible 20-minute daily routine that connects your inner power with the energy of the universe. You will be able to create a bubble of energy around you and feel its protection at all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

Starting from zero knowledge about energy and how it works (yes, this program can be consumed even if you are at ground zero) you will be set on your way to mastery with practice.

Most practitioners of Qigong (Intensive exercises) say the same things about it:

  1. Though it is incredibly easy to do, the results are as incredibly powerful. This is easy to understand when you consider the ice-water-steam analogy from the previous page. Steam is light and easy… but potent! Having said that, Qigong is EXTREMELY safe and can be practiced by anyone – even people with disabilities. How? Because it invokes an “energetic connection” that expands abilities and possibilities.
  2. It brings you in balance of your 3 treasures – Body (your movements), Mind (your breath), and Spirit (your energy visualization). This balance helps you balance all aspects of life since the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity constitutes everything about us. We are familiar with Yoga, which is only the joining of Mind and Body. And even more used to the Gym, which addresses the need of the Body alone! Qigong is a level up all of this!
  3. It is the healthiest way of being ever known to man. Fortunately after thousands of years it has come out of the secret confines of Chinese Monasteries and is available to us. Making Qigong a habit is way more beneficial than another habit we cultivate in early life – that of bathing. While a bath washes away external germs, Qigong is like an internal bath that removes all contamination and strengthens immunity!
    You too will experience this!

Would You Like More?

Well, here’s why you are getting a BONUS with the Inner Power Intensive on this page.

As they say, “different strokes for different folks.” So while the Intensive is a meditation in movement (Qigong masters call it external elixir), you can also work on your sitting meditation (internal elixir) and strengthen your connection with healing life-force-energy.

The Inner Power of the Microcosmic Orbit

  1. Is a meditative technique that feeds our energy anatomy like no other meditation.
  2. It can be practiced in as little as 3 minutes, sitting on the ground, or on a chair, in the office, or on a plane.
  3. It is amazingly useful to heal both, deep subconscious issues and chronic physiological problems.
    Again, a simple yet powerful nugget of ancient oriental wisdom and practice, this program has been life-changing for all its practitioners since before the dawn of recorded history.

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Inner Power Intensive + IP of the Microcosmic Orbit

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The two programs you just read about will put you in direct contact with working with energy. You might not realize the significance of this unless you have experienced energy in the past… but don’t wait for it. Once you make energy your partner through the Inner Power Intensive, you will feel compelled to raise your game… and you will BE HAPPY TO SPEND MORE! Save now!

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