"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"
- Sean Covey

Inviting you to build your future by design

At times, our friends are too polite...
So we live in our world of
false perfection and true denial.

This does not help our growth.

Do you have 5 people around you who
can drive you out of your comfort zone?

Who can say it as it is,
with your best interest at heart?

With complete confidentiality?

Ask Yourself: What is blocking me?

Deep down, what does my next level signify?

Since when have I felt blocked?

How much longer will I tolerate staying this way?


Here is why you might not have answers to the above

You – like most of us – are so close to your work and life, that you cannot distance yourself and look with objectivity. 

Even if you know what’s blocking your growth, you always have a seemingly legitimate reason to justify it. 

You have sold yourself the belief that things will NOT always go your way… and you are (sadly) OK with that.
You are losing time. You are capable of more. You haven’t bought that yet. Or you have been unwilling to buy.
BUY IT NOW… so you can redesign the future… for yourself, for your family, for your work, and life!

You can't do it alone (but this is what you've got)


Friends and family always intend to support you. Even when they do not know how. When they neither understand your journey, nor your challenges, they are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders do not help win games.


Coaches come in all flavors. It can be expensive to sample them one by one. Maybe you need practical solutions, not soul-searching. Maybe you need to copy what’s worked before. Coaches leave you with questions.



The BNIs, YPOs and Rotarys leverage relationships, which take time. You are already losing time. And often your new ideas become blind spots for others in existing networks. Networks lack the focus and speed you need. 

What you need is a Mastermind Group

  1. A Mastermind surrounds you with a relate-able group 
  2. PURPOSEFUL ACHIEVERS dedicated to raising their game
  3. You meet face-to-face online and become best buddies 
  5. You receive guidance and stay connected long term
  6. You access STRATEGIES & TACTICS for your stated vision
  7. You expand your vision with a 360-degree perspective
  8. You gain from LATERAL & JUXTAPOSITIVE thinking 
  9. You see business breakthroughs and higher revenues
  10. You create a FUTURE-BY-DESIGN with powerful coaching
  11. You draw ideas from different sectors and industries
  12. You amplify your VALUES & ATTITUDE through resonance
  13. You enjoy trust and feel supported with vulnerable ideas
  14. You build your INNER POWER and transfer it to your team
  15. You solve at least 3 big problems that possess you currently  

The world's first Mastermind Groups included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Charles M. Schwab among others

The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group
Tony Robbins
Top Inspirational Expert
You are the average of the five people
you spend the most time with
Jim Rohn
Top Leadership Guru

your growth story could be like theirs!

Future-By-Design Mastermind Group

This initiative is driven by Sandeep Nath, who is a global authority on developing Inner Power to achieve one’s peak potential. As an International Speaker, Author, and Coach, he has written 5 Books and developed 14 Programs to raise consciousness and energy, which help his coachees achieve more with purpose. Sandeep is also the Founder of the RENEWALism Movement. More about him at SandeepNath.com

For this Future-By-Design Mastermind Group, Sandeep is carefully curating six people; 2 Professionals, 2 Business Owners, and 2 Senior Executives. This diversity gives every participant a wide spectrum of experiences from people with similar values, life-approaches, and business standing. 

To express your interest to be one among them, all you need is the conviction that you are capable of more. You will be invited to a deep conversation with Sandeep to ensure that the offering is a fit with your best interests.

Note: Your seat in the Future-By-Design Mastermind will be for 12 months with a monthly commitment of ₹20,000

sandeep nath works at the top level internationally

let's come back to you!

Are you willing to be honest with yourself?

Are you driven by purpose; do you have goals?

Do you want to live the next 12 months in the same loop?

Or do you want to make 2024 your landmark year?

Note: Your seat in the Future-By-Design Mastermind will be for 12 months with a monthly commitment of ₹20,000

Yes, this is for you if...

  • You are a Business Owner / Senior Executive / Professional ready to transcend anything that limits your future.
  • You are eager to get clarity and know exactly how to leverage your strengths for unprecedented growth.
  • You want your enterprise to be well set to absorb the shocks of the VUCA world.
  • You are open to share honestly (in the group), take feedback, and be held accountable for your commitments
  • You have spent at least one year attempting to meet your goals in vain but maintain an optimistic attitude despite that.
  • You have a vision beyond merely making money; to contribute to the world in your unique way.
  • You understand that the problem is never about spending too much; it is always about earning too little.

no, this is Not for you if...

  • You are looking for tactical help with your business deliverables and marketing nitty-gritty. This group is for strategic leaps.
  • You are a non-team player, who doesn’t have the capacity to learn from other’s experience.
  • The cost of this Mastermind (₹240,000 approx.) will cause you serious financial hardship.
  • You’re shopping around; not willing to put the stake in the ground and commit to your future with 5 peers for 12 months.
  • You have deeply personal and troubling issues that need a 1on1 intensive (in this case, drop in at SandeepNath.com/coach)
  • You don’t respect your time and that of others (this Mastermind requires a commitment of 24 sessions during the year).
  • You have read everything above on this page and still think your brother-in-law’s advice is the best option for you 😉

What you will receive

The solutions you seek... yesterday!

Let us first talk about what problems we expect to crack open during the 24 masterminds over 12 months (3 hours each session). The following list is indicative. Rest assured, whatever is your current impediment will not remain – even if it isn’t listed here.

  1. Talent shortage, hiring and retaining top talent.
  2. Rising cost of business and the wisdom of cutting costs.
  3. Creating delight despite the changing consumer profile.
  4. Maximizing productivity, engagement, employee happiness.
  5. Prioritizing innovation; investments and use of AI/ML.
  6. Need and preparedness for using data in decision making.
  7. Need and processes to set in place a strong company culture.
  8. Effective communication and managerial capacity building.
  9. Adaptability, resilience, facing adversity – direct challenges.
  10. Envisioning and communicating to align the team.
  11. Building a customer-centric focus to multiply revenues.
  12. Ethical leadership, revisiting values, being responsible.
  13. Making social responsibility more than a checkbox.
  14. Succession planning and empowerment by design.
  15. Moving to self-managed, empowered organic structures.

Exclusive coaching & connections

Now let’s talk about your exclusive value-addition over 8 1on1s with Sandeep Nath. Though it might not be a shade on the peer group of the Mastermind, Sandeep will ensure two things for you:

  1. You get the answers you look for, month on month and
  2. You get the connections that would matter, for you to break out of the blocks you perceive
Sandeep coaches Senior Executives, Business Owners, and Professionals across the world. He keeps his fee humble at USD 300/session (typically an hour). And his clients make real progress, as you would’ve seen above. More reviews here

As a prospective candidate for this Mastermind, you might already have a coach. Sandeep’s specialty is Inner Power, the alignment of body, mind, and spirit, which renews people energetically at a consciousness level. He is a mindfulness guide, and cultivating this habit alone can help you derive more from all the experts and team members you currently have working with you.

What’s more, as a 3-time published author he is extremely well connected and his network is offered as needed to the Group.

your think tank

Once invited, you will be part of the carefully curated group of the Future-By-Design Mastermind. This group will meet twice a month for 3 hours each time. The sessions will be online and attendance is mandatory. Think of it as your Board Meeting, no less. One physical meeting – non-mandatory – can be facilitated if the group chooses.

At each meeting at least one group member will have prepared to be in the Hot Seat. If you, this is your opportunity to lay bare (in complete confidentiality) all the challenges that you face. Or all the growth ideas that you have. Or all the changes that you plan. Group members hear you, advise you, connect you, envision with you, and work alongside you till you tide over every point you table.

In addition, each group member commits to spend 5 hours during the course of the year in a bilateral exchange, the agenda for which is laid out with Sandeep Nath’s moderation. Your benefit is 25 hours of 1on1 brainstorming with the group members. You might not have realized it, but your business depends on people of these diverse profiles. They represent your clients, vendors, expert associates… and it is here that you will get to peek into their minds.


inner power programs

Thousands of people worldwide have got astonishing results from Inner Power Programs. The Inner Power Blueprint specifically helps understand and abate Stress. The Inner Power Intensive teaches Business Qigong, to elevate Productivity and Relationships. Other programs help train the mind, engage energetically, and heal relationships. They are based on ancient oriental wisdom and structured to help create habits for you, your family, and importantly, your team members. Imagine an organization buzzing with energy in unison. How powerful could that be?

You get access to this complete suite worth USD 1000 the moment you confirm your seat. For this, you have to agree explicitly to the commitments the seat requires of you. 

The Future-By-Design Mastermind is not something you ‘buy’. It is something you ‘live by’. Because you know you must.

Note: Your seat in the Future-By-Design Mastermind will be for 12 months with a monthly commitment of ₹20,000

here's why you can be sure of the above

Please listen to Sandeep Nath say this directly to you. You need to hear the tone, perceive the energy, and trust your intuition. Because only when you do, can we make Your Intuition, Energy, and Inner Power stronger together! 

To quote Ralph Larsen, when he was the CEO of J&J, “Very often, people will do a brilliant job up through the middle management levels, where it’s very heavily quantitative in terms of the decision-making. But then they reach senior management, where the problems get more complex and ambiguous, and we discover that their judgment or intuition is not what it should be. And when that happens, it’s a problem; it’s a big problem. When there is absolutely no way to thoroughly analyze every one of the options available to you, you have to rely on your gut feeling.”

Your Next Steps

Once you fill the form to Express Your Interest you will have a 1on1 online meeting with Sandeep Nath. The broad agenda is to understand your current and desired states of life and work, to ascertain that your objectives will be met. Also to share the backgrounds of other participants concurrently being evaluated for mutual suitability. 

There is no-charge, no-obligation at this stage from either side. In fact, Sandeep with share the ground rules of the Mastermind with you to ascertain if you will be a fit or not.

If there is a fit, you will be requested to commit to the deposit of ₹120,000 (6 months upfront) within 5 days of your call.

On receipt of the deposit, a battery of Inner Power Programs will be opened out for you online. These are for your background study and understanding of how your inner power can take you and your teams to peak performance. This program suite alone is worth ₹80,000 at published rates. 

Each Future-By-Design Mastermind commences at fixed times and meets online over Zoom on 2 days each month, for 3 hours each day. The schedule is decided by the group and all members will agree on the dates. At this stage you will be requested to block your calendar for the next 12 months.

Remember, by this time next year you could be blazing the trail without any of the bottlenecks that are holding you down. You know what they are. You will share them. We will resolve them. ONLY IF we are sure we can, you be invited to join the Mastermind. This is the promise of the 1on1 with Sandeep. Set it up now!

72 hours of Masterminding
8 hours of Coaching
15 hours of Connection Support
25 hours of Think Tank Discovery
10 hours of Inner Power Programs

Total Program: 130 hours

At a base price of ₹8000/hour that's worth ₹10,40,000

Note: Your seat in the Future-By-Design Mastermind will be for 12 months with a monthly commitment of ₹20,000

frequently asked questions

The Future-By-Design Mastermind Group is a cohort of like-minded individuals who are keen on accelerating their vision quickly and cautiously. By actively participating in bi-monthly meetings, imbibing exclusive resources, and leveraging ongoing messaging support, members utilize peer guidance and accountability to hit goals and realize peak potential.

The group covers strategic planning and direction that is important to take its members to the next level of their growth trajectory. Each member gets numerous opportunities to put forth live business and personal challenges that are addressed in multiple ways by peers having diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The group is structured around a mastermind format, which means that members support each other by sharing their experiences, insights, and advice. There are only 6 members in the group; 2 Business Owners, 2 Senior Executives, and 2 Professionals from different sectors of industry.

The Inner Power Programs are a set of 10 video courses worth ₹80,000 that members receive as a gift as soon as they join the Future-By-Design Mastermind Group. These programs are designed to help members tap into their inner power and take their teams as well to peak performance.

The promise of the Future-By-Design Mastermind is speedy, implementable solutions to current exigencies – based on live experience of peers. Trust is immediate, unlike in business networks and advice is from a ‘been-there-done-that’ perspective, unlike with most coaches.

The Future-By-Design Mastermind Group is suitable for senior leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and CXOs. The Group provides exactly the support required to meet each member’s objectives, which they express in a 1on1 with Sandeep Nath well before making the commitment.

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to take your life and business to the next level. Don’t miss out!

To be considered, please fill out the form that appears when you click the button below. Sandeep Nath will set up the 1on1 online meeting with you to make sure this is for your best.

Note: Your seat in the Future-By-Design Mastermind will be for 12 months in the ballpark of ₹240,000

Got a question or suggestion? 
Reach out to Sandeep Nath over WhatsApp | Linkedin | Email