About Me

Hi, I Am Sandeep Nath

As you might have read on the home page, my journey into inner power started when I felt an increasing sense of hollowness and lack of existential clarity among people. I too had done all the “right things” expected of me… got an IIT-IIM education… pursued entrepreneurship… gained social and material success… but still the dissatisfaction was immense.

And thanks to that, I learned everything that I bring to you today. If you know that there is more purpose and potential hidden in you, join me live at my next webinar for starters.  

I’d like you to know that being a wellness enthusiast, I am also an international Reiki Master, Qigong Instructor, and certified Mindfulness Coach. Importantly, I am passionate about raising human consciousness and have written 2 books; Arrive At Success, and Renewal: Your unexpected role in saving the planet. It is about simple habits that help raise human consciousness. Do get your copies on Amazon now!